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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Online QR-Code Generator

           Not on how the web site, but they do not know about QR Code .. 

We have always seen Bar code agreement, but it has a better read this description.

The large amount of information that can include more than Bar code  ...

  • See, we are in the Barcode Reader - Here

Transfer Large Files Via Email

Practically you know, can not send files larger than 20 MB to Attach via Email. So I can not give you a true one, but here we are ...

This person you want to 5GB - 30GB to a file, this method can be sent by one.

Attach a File You have the right to visit the websites of the appropriate Email Address . It's Will work Accually .... :)


Saturday, February 14, 2015

G-Mail Page load Speed up tricks.

Gmail is a popular seamlessly using our nobody, but we know that when most people free Email urge ... the problem is that Gmail Page Load Slow be replaced so .....
There is a cave where ADSL is not 4G Slow feeling a little wanting, it can be used as a solution to this option.
It does not matter much to see seeing this from a Net Use ... this way, but you can take care of all Slow your Gmails.

01. Gmail.com to go, you go down like that ... I was crossing the Load page, hey ..
We do have a lower score  "Load Basic HTML" is to click ..

ඔන්න අර Load ළුිම් මොකුත්ම නෑ... අපිට අවශ්‍ය Gmail ටික සැනෙකින් ලස්සනට පෙන්වනවා...

Watch Live Air Road

When these guys are flying in the air like Shakespeare seamlessly moving places and the icing on the cake .. Air Yan'd go to where.. ??

Now that we understand this to say .. this is what you will experience ...

We go to the web site See ... this is true ...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Facebook chat offline friends identify

Who care who come to Facebook Offline Who you like Shakespeare. That's it, he does it ..

This is a very simple matter .... you Firstly giant fungi site and the song ... and then there are those who show Online.

It shows ... Online those himself.

  Then they show you custard .. That is a little  They had a little light in your Offline Friends Friends who feeds it ... but there is one Chat Chat is off .. :)
Wow ... not doing  Elzzzz..........................................


Hide Real Ip Address without software

Your Real IP Address is hidden in one stick to another Web Site is resolutely games ..? So today we give you the easiest simplest way ...

This step is not needed to call any Software.. Google Chrome | Firefox Extension is introducing himself ...
This is valid for reasons google chrome GO
                                     firefox sad. GO

  • Now it is your Extension Install one of your Web Browser.
  • Restart Now it's your Web Broeser.
  • Extension of this can be seen now on your Web Browser. Now click on the Windows and open the "Please enter the URL you would like to proxy" fade.
  • Below is the link you want to go to the web address ...
  • Hide your Default IP address will now address the other through the website.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Create Facebook Page without Name?

f you have already Created a Page on facebook before than this is going to be the Easiest tutorial for you, For those who don’t have any experience in creating a page , Believe me i will keep it Simple just Follow the Below simple steps.
Step 1: Login to facebook and click on Create page or just click Here .
Step 2: Now Click on Company, Organization or Institution (Not mandatory You can click on any.) and Choose a Category, again you can choose any it doesn’t really matters.
Step 3: Now copy the below characters and paste in the place of name and Check the box which saysi agree to facebook pages terms.

Facebook page without name
Step 4: Click on Get Started, Give a short description and click on “Save info” now you can click onskip, skip and skip .
Step 5:  With this said, We have successfully created a page , But we can see the Characters which we entered earlier, we are making a page without any name or Character. Now in admin panel, click onEdit Page > Edit Settings.
Facebook page without name

Step 6:  Click on “Page info”  , the first thing you will see will be the Name, Click on Edit and use your Backspace key to Delete everything from the box.
Step 7: Click on Save Changes. If you have done all the steps as explained then you must not get any error.

Step 8: Click on View page to check your Facebook Page without Name.
Step 9: Upload a profile picture and Cover photo if you want. Now its Time to Show your Page with No name to your Friends. Try it by Yourself While its Still working.
[alert style=”e.g. white, grey, red, yellow, green”] Note: The Code and the Trick to Create Facebook page without name is not working any more, This trick was working fine at the time of Creating the tutorial. Thanks.[/alert]

Sunday, December 14, 2014

You can not boned Site trip to see.?. : 3

     Let's think about this a little thing .. people I know. But why is not the end of the story in this post .. you know, or thought it was not only our country, but for world failed to websites Banned Barcelona. So how to b .. Try band ??
              Am Am'll have to prove it .... Anyway, it is the site will introduce ................
Here that is to have ....................

  • Go to this web site -
    Click SKIP AD
  • Now you need to go to one website link type. . . . . .HIDEME To ....
In this way -

Now, mind you, as the site Usener .............: D

Sinhala Included into the Google Translate :).... :)

     Sri Lanka, we happy, you know, something you can be proud about this, I'm going in .. but .. Google Translate,, ?? The facility was developed .. do not ever compare to the Institute of Language ... It is not our Sinhala language had been included in the Sinhalese ......
   Here are the features that you can right ...... මාරැකරගන්න any other Sinhala language .. Now web / blog site which is on her other copying Kirilli .............. ......
And did this with almost 10 other new languages have been added to the news that Google Translate feature .....

Log in now to:

Sri Lanka will be the first company on the representativeness Rohan Jayaweera to Google Google Sinhala language interpreter. Our gratitude to him for bringing this ....

   So today I'm going to tell you guys something from this blog enough. . Anyway central love to have some fun together right හොදයිනේ. . You should always pulls together to see the Internet Connect've CCTV cams live. They want to handle the whole of the system in some way cam can ..

Just a few steps below.

01. Go to Google together.

The increased capacity we exchanged files?

           Hmm. . Hey guys, we had to wait so long to download enough. Today we see a file to another computer exchanges on how to increase capacity in the distance through the Internet. This does not need to be downloaded to any Software.
This web site is used to do. The number of files to be expanded to 2GB via online exchanges. This service is not only that the ads with the faster you can also file අප්ලොඩ්. But for Sender and
Both the recipients e-mail address each need. The appropriate enough.

Here web link - www.wetransfer.com  .

See miles away. , one handful of times their parents do not mess b. So I went to iraqi. . ,meet Later  .. have a nice day like this.