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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Google Live Traffic, Now Avaliable In SL

     So we know better about the country roads ... a bus / truck down the road, so Ai paeāḍaipaeāḍai vehicles Triple mango. It's not wrong bus Bookies lorries, Highway Authority ...

            So today all smartphones have such access .. .. And everyone uses Google also has Google Just So our dear Sri Lanka brought in new work than ...

Live webcast can see that traffic means Google Map.
The facility will use a lot of countries in the world had raped her ... That's a lot easier than a set of road cob ...

So every country men ate the apple: v .... but do not mind that I get to use it today ... since ...  

Here is how the facility is used here to see this ... First published in this picture .. idea ..

If you get this facility, Google Map Go Live Traffic feature should be enabled to take on here .. that ..

  • Less traffic, green direction
  • You can see the direction of traffic exceeds the red ..

All new ownership this article Aluthin.com reserves the team.
Copying prohibited ..

Friday, November 13, 2015

Facebook is our country :) | Enjoy now with Sri facebook.com

Today I'm going to tell you about one of the social network site. Yes, say internet social network is. Because it's more like a social network facebook has become popular in the world.

Why the case before dropping our Web site you will create a country have educated about different social network sites. Today is such a date, in a social network site. This is really a successful Web site. 

සිංහයන්ටමයි..  : ශ්‍රී facebook.com 

This is another way to sign up.

SITE Developed by Aluthin.com Owner :

: D Publications invites you .. come .. to be optimistic as the womenfolk English

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Online QR-Code Generator

           Not on how the web site, but they do not know about QR Code .. 

We have always seen Bar code agreement, but it has a better read this description.

The large amount of information that can include more than Bar code  ...

  • See, we are in the Barcode Reader - Here

Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Buy Best Quality Memory Card

Now, when not on stage, from one who knows Memory Card phone memory .. Portable accessories are used for different types of  Memory Card.

We purchased this article, How does one kind of existence long  fast.

Normally, many different kinds of Memory Card bought a little time to take charge. Put data or property, FOrmat to the beginning, and especially one Memory Card slaw ability to see from major defects.

The main reason for this price, we Mamory card  selected by The lowest one is selected by, and subject to the above error is normal.

Let us be good in Memory Card a  Brand Backlog.

   Speed of copying files over much of the Memory Card, can also be used without the  errors.

  • Kingston
  • Lexar
  • Samsung
  • Sandisk ultra / Extream
  • Trancend
Here is such a good memory card company to them, but are expensive compared MEmory Card.

G-Mail Page load Speed up tricks.

Gmail is a popular seamlessly using our nobody, but we know that when most people free Email urge ... the problem is that Gmail Page Load Slow be replaced so .....
There is a cave where ADSL is not 4G Slow feeling a little wanting, it can be used as a solution to this option.
It does not matter much to see seeing this from a Net Use ... this way, but you can take care of all Slow your Gmails.

01. Gmail.com to go, you go down like that ... I was crossing the Load page, hey ..
We do have a lower score  "Load Basic HTML" is to click ..

ඔන්න අර Load ළුිම් මොකුත්ම නෑ... අපිට අවශ්‍ය Gmail ටික සැනෙකින් ලස්සනට පෙන්වනවා...

How to Create a Real CCTV Camera Via Your Web Cam

CCTV camera ... I do not feel bad now, whose near as New Years gift, go to your website for free, giving a camera CCTV Cam ...

Here is what shows us do Easy .say is, one of your work as a Web Cam is Cam Spying. This is how we are going to see.

  • Prior to the sale of this work below the software.

  • Now you download and install the software.
  • And this is the kind of windowing display.

  • This is not only because of the implementation of the motion before the cameras Software Object any video recorder, video Capacity in Finland, all activity is too low to be observed.

  • Performances Detect Motion Object of one cell to cell to one direction and the other Object Motion will bring a different video Video Clip Auto store is a computer ....
  • Option is also equipped with the Software .. These guys gave us free here ...

Friday, February 13, 2015

Match Yr Horoscope Online

See how you like matching Shakespeare and his girl before marriage. Because technology is so advanced that one has to go තියෙද්දෙන් ..

We heard you're doing what we say web site go ...................

** This web site and,
Your birth date / time  24 hour / to Location included above your birthday ...

Facebook chat offline friends identify

Who care who come to Facebook Offline Who you like Shakespeare. That's it, he does it ..

This is a very simple matter .... you Firstly giant fungi site and the song ... and then there are those who show Online.

It shows ... Online those himself.

  Then they show you custard .. That is a little  They had a little light in your Offline Friends Friends who feeds it ... but there is one Chat Chat is off .. :)
Wow ... not doing  Elzzzz..........................................


Hide Real Ip Address without software

Your Real IP Address is hidden in one stick to another Web Site is resolutely games ..? So today we give you the easiest simplest way ...

This step is not needed to call any Software.. Google Chrome | Firefox Extension is introducing himself ...
This is valid for reasons google chrome GO
                                     firefox sad. GO

  • Now it is your Extension Install one of your Web Browser.
  • Restart Now it's your Web Broeser.
  • Extension of this can be seen now on your Web Browser. Now click on the Windows and open the "Please enter the URL you would like to proxy" fade.
  • Below is the link you want to go to the web address ...
  • Hide your Default IP address will now address the other through the website.

ALuthin our new facility. [Live] :) for your wishes.

Our team is ready for any question you have about the codecs answer
this website ..

We used to do it .. web site down the right side of the "Send Massage to aluthin admin" named one of the artists Onlie chat.

Included here is how are things going.

Our new Admin / Author deliver a memorable experience in Mentor Online.

Open the chat window and the window for such ....
Then you,
     Name / Email / Question to set up chat together ...

We Invite You opportunity to chat together, she ..

Our new Admin / Author does not deliver a memorable Mentor Online.

The Window is open, and you'll .. AGCarl you can not run with us, but
Your problems / text can be sent to us ..

  Name / Email / Question send one guy up your ..

We prepared to give you more such facilities in the future ......
Anyway, that's still 10 days beginning.

Who says girlfriend that hard to please .. ???

Some people think that girlfriend who loves to please very difficult. But if they think women have understood them.

Dozens of women, men understood that very few things are very pleased and very small things Synergizing irritated. They understood that they know in their hearts ආසකරන small things. This brought a few ways to do සිත්දිනාගත ..

1. kiss got behind

This is not going to go to all the time are mixed. Show your love once in a while since he had a good ..
2. Listen to the best of her.

Men than women naturally emotional pressure. So they moved with their questions from speaking with a person who believes that they have to make a light heart. So you have to give your partner, her attention away from the hard facts, if you tell her problems. Her problem may be a very small. But it is not like she can rewire. You are going to listen to the show reluctance to be drawn to one person she could trust him. Also, she says, or to address all the issues involved to provide Miranda. She is not required. If you realize that problem. Then she Help.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Uninstall Windows 8 From a Dual-Booting PC.

If you set up your PC to dual boot between Windows 7 and Windows 8, but have decided to end the experiment and go back to using Windows 7 full time, we have good news. It’s incredibly easy to erase Windows 8 from your hard drive and reclaim those precious gigabytes of storage space. 
Note: If you overwrote Windows 7 with Windows 8 rather than dual-booting, then you’ll need to do a full system restore from a back up. 

To erase your Windows 8 installation from the dual-boot configuration and just have Windows 7, perform these steps:
  1. Boot into Windows 7
     2 .Launch Msconfig by hitting Windows + R to get the run box, typing msconfig and clicking Ok.

 3.Select the Boot tab.
 4 .Select Windows 8 and click Delete.
 5. Click OK to exit msconfig.
 6. Launch Disk management by typing “Create and format” into the Start Menu and clicking on the “Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions” shortcut.

  7. Right click on the Windows 8 partition and Select Delete Volume.

 After you delete Windows 8′s partition, you can either turn the unallocated space it leaves behind into a separate partition for data or add it on to your current Windows 7 partition by clicking on the primary partition (usually your C drive) in disk management and selecting  Extend volume

You can not boned Site trip to see.?. : 3

     Let's think about this a little thing .. people I know. But why is not the end of the story in this post .. you know, or thought it was not only our country, but for world failed to websites Banned Barcelona. So how to b .. Try band ??
              Am Am'll have to prove it .... Anyway, it is the site will introduce ................
Here that is to have ....................

  • Go to this web site -
    Click SKIP AD
  • Now you need to go to one website link type. . . . . .HIDEME To ....
In this way -

Now, mind you, as the site Usener .............: D

Sinhala Included into the Google Translate :).... :)

     Sri Lanka, we happy, you know, something you can be proud about this, I'm going in .. but .. Google Translate,, ?? The facility was developed .. do not ever compare to the Institute of Language ... It is not our Sinhala language had been included in the Sinhalese ......
   Here are the features that you can right ...... මාරැකරගන්න any other Sinhala language .. Now web / blog site which is on her other copying Kirilli .............. ......
And did this with almost 10 other new languages have been added to the news that Google Translate feature .....

Log in now to:

Sri Lanka will be the first company on the representativeness Rohan Jayaweera to Google Google Sinhala language interpreter. Our gratitude to him for bringing this ....