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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mega-Free 50GB Cloud Drive Stroge

Today I'm going to give you super super Android app.

In brief, one might say this cloud stroge.

Needless to say, I do not need to tell you htaccess one stroge otherwise of this cloud drive. Google drive one you're already used Athey think. So you know, we get on google drive 5gb disk that one ..

Some delays have been sufficient if it is enough. But some people more likely to be enough to provide free 5gb online drive on google grown by the company to maintain long hashes to protect their valuable data.

Now that cloud drive on that nose .She allow sufficient time is over. What if all the other services beyond the mega Android app. So given all these problems solved because you know This one brings 50GB free cloud drive ..

For more information, download the app so as newspapers that the lower links. 


Posted By  Manura Ushitha Contact Author On Facebook 

Mobdro The Best & Free-Tv &Video's Streaming App.

Whether good day! .. Did you say we're going to start .. free live television channels around the world as from the Android phone. Film, tv programs .. .. Look in a nice app

***Nobody came to know. aluthin.com .. We always introduce super things that really give this app you can see from international channel about channel Lanka .. Look ...

*** First, I'll briefly describe some advantages and disadvantages pack

A: This app from the truth, we work going on tv, video data advert edged .. This pack is the only problem ..

sky sprots , ten sprots , ten cricket , ten action , discovery channel , wwe wesling tv

More than this channel 300 stelae have a watch without delay any additional charge.

App Details :
  • File Name - Mobdro.apk
  • File Size - 20.3 MB
  • Requirements - Android Device
  • License - Free.

NOX - Best Android App Player

 Hey, After long time we are going to give a very important post for our clients.

  The time will be used Android Lanka tired boys slouched Yeah, it did not belong out here now ... but just one office computer right now there's a Tab, Android Mobile not any ..

People are tired ever quarter for this savagery to Bluestacks that software and software .. seems like this happens, the  new  features & facilities, forward you to working software that can love you.

Let us describe this in a bit ...

>>> Open when it had installed on here are beautifully Open.

>>> All involved can look Notification Apps.

See how this one .. >>>

>>>From inside the App Player One, one Android phone, you can buy one tab Screenshot like .. Save computer can make.

>>>App Player can to stay on the paraharaṇaya files on your Computer ..

>>> Who have store your computer Android Apps FIle (APK) though the c pasa App Player can make together .. Import on here.

>>> Tab on your Android Phone and Apps icon on the dial where you can wear nice.

>>> Any app from Google Play, Download HD to continue ..

>>> Also, no difference was to allow a tab .... he did not see ... .. The app is Close.

Software Details :
  • File Name - NOX.
  • File Size - 252 MB
  • Requirements -  Windows XP/ 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • License - Free.
  • Support Web Site - en.bigbox.com

Friday, November 13, 2015

Latest Google Play Store - 5.9.11

These days you know that Google is updated every way .. even all of their updated  ..

Here the company belongs to the same stylish new Google Andoid Play Store too, that the Andoid Apps had been given to you and it is gone the extra bugs.

At the same time new features are scheduled to Google Play store is equipped karalayai ..

The new features in the latest convoy Google Play Store and download it below your Android Smart Phone or together Tab together.

Software Details :
  • File Name - Android Play Store 5.9.
  • File Size - 13.1 MB
  • Requirements -  Android Mobile Phone & Tab .etc
  • License - Free.
  • Support Web Site - www.apkmirror.com

Hidden your information.(ANDROID)

                This is very simple
                  1st Install this app.
                    2nd open and run.
             3rd hide your information.
          Then hold AUDIO MANAGER and            running.
         Post by - achathuka@aluthin.com

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Transfer Files between your Android and your PC over Wifi!

Normally, your computer and Android (PC & Android Device) and data communication using Bluetooth technology ....

But  Bluetooth File Transfer is very slow .. Because a File Transfer over the Duration..

That way we can solve the problem of exchanging the Android App & PC Exe is introduced via Wifi .... This large files very quickly, but ..
It not only can be exchanged even file your Android to Android.

Put together your Android Device Android App is here sale ....
Software Details :
  • File Name - Wifi Media Sync Apps.
  • File Size - 5 MB.
  • Requirements - All Android OS Device.
  • License - Free.
Connect the PC is also happening to your PC EXE put together one ....

Software Details :
  • File Name - Wifi Media Sync EXE.
  • File Size - 4 MB.
  • Requirements - Windows XP / Vista/7/8.8.1.
  • License - Free.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

ndroid Pattern Lock Pon one loses.

      The lock ll once you lock system fonts about android. ater  know that one mistake Pattern Usener taps it to block. . Then when people buy wiggle open. . And it's been forgotten and / or remove any or allow this gun when it's the way that I take leave to go. . The need to do a few steps. So here's the norm do announces measures.