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  • First, though, is how to get Authorship our website.

  1. Admin@aluthin.com Your Email Address to send to the email address.
  2. After the confirmation of your request, we will send in your email Email Invite together.
  3. Then you can go to our website Email Confirm Invite Click on our membership.
  4. We hope your support.
  • Now, how do you close the lid articles ... ???? This article was written before or. ???
  1. For this first go to the Blogger.com 
  2. Now your Email / Password Log in providing
  3. Now you will get the following types of Windows. It pointed out that the press Button.
  • Here is how the job should be .............
  1. Just because you can, you can post as articles.
  2. Put all your published article has proper title.
  3. Label content can then have your letter.
  4. Search Description for it to increase the SEO of your letter.
  5. You have to put Links with  Ads Link your own. ( Eg: Adf.ly / Adbla.us)
  6. Google Upload Softwares..etc you enter the file, enter a file .. If Direct link.
  7. Video out, and upload to Youtube, Post to Embed together.
Like this :-
[The "http://www.youtube.com/embed/XGSy3_Czz8k" to the one included above to video Link. ]