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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Google Live Traffic, Now Avaliable In SL

     So we know better about the country roads ... a bus / truck down the road, so Ai paeāḍaipaeāḍai vehicles Triple mango. It's not wrong bus Bookies lorries, Highway Authority ...

            So today all smartphones have such access .. .. And everyone uses Google also has Google Just So our dear Sri Lanka brought in new work than ...

Live webcast can see that traffic means Google Map.
The facility will use a lot of countries in the world had raped her ... That's a lot easier than a set of road cob ...

So every country men ate the apple: v .... but do not mind that I get to use it today ... since ...  

Here is how the facility is used here to see this ... First published in this picture .. idea ..

If you get this facility, Google Map Go Live Traffic feature should be enabled to take on here .. that ..

  • Less traffic, green direction
  • You can see the direction of traffic exceeds the red ..

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