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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Transfer Files between your Android and your PC over Wifi!

Normally, your computer and Android (PC & Android Device) and data communication using Bluetooth technology ....

But  Bluetooth File Transfer is very slow .. Because a File Transfer over the Duration..

That way we can solve the problem of exchanging the Android App & PC Exe is introduced via Wifi .... This large files very quickly, but ..
It not only can be exchanged even file your Android to Android.

Put together your Android Device Android App is here sale ....
Software Details :
  • File Name - Wifi Media Sync Apps.
  • File Size - 5 MB.
  • Requirements - All Android OS Device.
  • License - Free.
Connect the PC is also happening to your PC EXE put together one ....

Software Details :
  • File Name - Wifi Media Sync EXE.
  • File Size - 4 MB.
  • Requirements - Windows XP / Vista/7/8.8.1.
  • License - Free.