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Friday, February 13, 2015

Precisely to your Site Alexa, add the Fast and the Rank on top. (y)

Alexa Rank is a website that belong to the category of websites seamlessly. The website for traffic conditions on the website here to be concerned about the speed of the site is done by the clan.
        The country will be the site of a surveillance site by Anwar clan. You are a man or a web / blog site to include a website and lifetimes. Alexa helping to preserve much of the site conditions. Because many people's Web site Information / Rank is considering a facility to your  site. Rank is determined by the popularity of the site, according to the ...

01. How to enroll .. Rank your site Alexa ??

  • First, ensure your site is a must Alexa. The first to go to this site. Goto Site.
  • And you still have to register or register of Alexa. Or can signUp Facebook. Ok..
  • Site a Enter the URL you are on an open place, enter your address / blog.
  • Then Continue After Verify your site to be directed to Method 3. It you want for your site Verify I will take the No. 2 approved.
  • Now get the No. 2 below as HTML Code for show like this ... /
  • Now you should do, I have to show  the HTML code of your blog / website <head> Tag then used together to Save.
  • Blogs are screwed - Blogger - Dashboard - HTML Control + F to go up <head> tag to your search. Now it is below the Code and Paste it to save.
  • Now press the button Verify my ID. Your site is Verify .. (NB - do not again make precisely this step)
  • Now your job site, but not perfect.

  • This step should be done Course five. They take decisions about your site and check it.It's hard work, but the last thing these steps if you are not do failure will be lost.

  • 02. Now able to insert a Widget to your site Alexa Rank.

    03. Alexa Toolbar install to your we browser together.

    For this Goto Site.

    04. Now your turn. Enter a blog as well get a higher response. Your site will have a high place.

    05. Make your site submit to the Blacklist. Many methods are superior traffic free sale.

    Here are a few sites that list the super blacklink.