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Sunday, December 14, 2014

ndroid Pattern Lock Pon one loses.

      The lock ll once you lock system fonts about android. ater  know that one mistake Pattern Usener taps it to block. . Then when people buy wiggle open. . And it's been forgotten and / or remove any or allow this gun when it's the way that I take leave to go. . The need to do a few steps. So here's the norm do announces measures.

01. Your baby like to stay off one Android phone.

02. After three simultaneously press the button "Volume up + Home Key + Power Button" and the phone is done.
(A Home button on your phone, or one volume up key and press the power key is once)

03.Now DOS secret terminal interface that is displayed.

04. Now using the volume key menu is up / down and "Restore Factory Defaults" Select. not "Delete all User Data" or have. Press one of the two selected.

05. .......... wait a little bit to your phone will restart. Your android phone could be seen in the unlock.

            See more such a post. . Thank you.