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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Latest Windows 8 one [with the Crack]

      The Cracy that here again today, with the windows cracked 8 gave come .. some ර undermine this right question in active unable to put a runner .. Some Activators  putting machine is turned on or not ... So when I got me some medicine for all the Windows Full Genuine only exisitng trying ....................
On at least one machine from them දාන්දද Requirements.? Why let those Thani good cockatoo oil ............... .. ..
Minimal Requiremints

Processor - 1Ghz > up
RAM - 32 bit (x86) - 1GB
            64 bit (x64) - 2GB
Hard Space - 16 GB (32 bit)
                             20GB  (64 bit)
Graphic Card weblog getting hit .. Provided there is best ..........


01. *** WindoWs 8 එක පහළින් ගන්න.


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