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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Breake Lock without Factory Reset .

     Do you? I had previously given to you by a Post mistrust of the Android Pattern Lock or Lock Screen is one way to overcome. Or did you see that one HERE
               The method is to break a lock on your Pon has Reset Factory, but the point is made first of all difficulty settings හාථ information. So annoying character, today I would give it another way to avoid the Factory Reset mode Pattern Lock, Lock Screen shows how to remove.
             I say go, you go step by step work Sure ..................................... ..........

     Linda wanted to do and if you tell people to do bad things to do this, use only your difficulty. I know that's all it is a dreamer. Here follows a stepතේ scammed  to work.

01. The shares are down from a Pattern Password Disable.zipfile Download.

02.  now, download it to your smart Pon Zip File is on SD CARD crash together. (Copy & Paste)

03. There's right, now one SD CARD Hi together to Pon, Pon is on to make one mistrust Reboot your limits from Recovery Mode. [Install Zip From SD CARD] Do not forget to go with.

04. Install the Amazing, is now established as one of the Zip File Flash lets one go to the lender. Then again to Reboot.

05. The log will be expanded to as ... Now look Sometimes it again if they want Screen Locke, at any time can be used in one sat the entrance. Drugs were then Oooooh
                  Post switching to another ... all of my cyber අවකාෂයේදී preparedness of what is now added to my altar a Post. SERIOUS .... I learned my mandate is get.

NB - Do not copy any of the posters here. If so, I will find it COPYSCAPE facility is used. So if you cheat on my name, and address must be included in the block ..